Introduction to Ice Hockey Sport

Ice hockey is a game played on a skating rink using a stick and puck. This maybe similar with soccer and football in regards to scoring. Soccer, football and ice hockey shoot for to a goal. However, each game has its own rules and regulations. Ice hockey is very unique because it is played on ice. Ice hockey is as famous as football or soccer. Playing ice hockey is fun with all but it is riskier than the soccer or football.

According to record, there is no certain year when this game has started but it is assumed that it all started during the 18th and 19th century in the snowy land in the West like the United Kingdom and North Canada where various winter sport are held. They are the people who popularized this game until this game was played all over the world.

The game consist of 6 members in each team. There are only two opponents here and each team has to have someone in the goal as a goal keeper. The rest must do their best to shoot more points than their opponent in order to win. It is not too much to say that it is harder for a puck to enter a goal than a ball to enter a goal.

Ice has been a suffering to those who have no winter season. However ice is now the point of sport interest because there are many sports played on ice like skating, skiing and of course ice hockey.