How to Play Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is very easy to play for as long as you know the regulations of the game. This game may require attentiveness because the puck is not that big and it comes in circular shape.

Handle the ice hockey stick in a correct manner. In holding the stick hockey, both your palms should grip the end of the the stick and a create a 150-30 inch- distance grip. Do not make a long extension of the stick contact against your body. Keep it just normal so that when you move the stick from left to right, it does not touch your hip or even your stomach.

Since you are using a skate, you have to balance your body when moving the puck. Since this is a game that needs a team work, you have to make a goal here by passing the puck to your team members.

When you shoot, you have to shift your weight from your left foot to your right foot so that you can have the force to push the puck to the goal. However, this should be done in the fast manner in order not to give a foothold to your opponent. When you are practicing, you can make a time to control your body or anyway because balancing is a little bit not easy in playing the game. Skating can be fun if your are expert in carrying your body.

In shooting, you should point the stick to the direction you want the puck to go. So in doing this, you have to let the puck point to the left of to the right or even straight point.