Rules of Ice Hockey Sport

The game should be played by 2 teams having 6 members each team. There are substitute of the players and they can happen anytime. The game is played for an hour and the team who scored more is the winner.

If a team member violated a rule, he has to move out from the rink and is not allowed to play. At that time when he is not allowed to play for about 2 minutes or it depends on the gravity of the violation, he can not be substituted which means the opponent has more chance to win the game. Some of the violations include tripping, interference, roughing, high-sticking and slashing. These are the rules that players may hardly avoid. In case of these, there is always a punishment for this.

Avoid fighting in the game. There should be a professional relationship between and among members, otherwise, there will be a trouble that destroys the spirit of the game.

Kneeing someone is illegal since causing an accident is not part of the game. If a player was hit or fell down, it is the responsibility of the team so there should be no accident that will happen.

Interference is not allowed since only the goalie has his own business. There is a thing that you can not change when you are in the goalie. Goalie act as goalie only. Puck tender acts as a puck tender. If anybody does not perform their own role, their will be a trouble in the game.

All players have to bear in mind that they must not violate any rule in order to keep their game successful.